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11-year-old girl survives traumatic ATV accident

11-year-old Jazzmine Samaniego made an incredible recovery after a life-changing accident.

Back in November, she went riding on an ATV — something she’s grown up doing on her family’s 5-acre lot in Homeland, Riverside County. But this time, it went terribly wrong.

Jazzmine, who was wearing a helmet, tumbled and the bike fell on her head.

“I saw Jazzy on the ground … I couldn’t even see her face. Her face was covered in blood and bleeding out of her ears,” her father, Branden Samaniego, told KTLA. “I just remember, I put her in my arms, took off her shirt because I didn’t know where the bleeding was from, and I’m screaming and I’m crying and I’m praying.”

After being taken to two other hospitals, she was taken to Loma Linda Children’s Hospital.

“Jazzmine sustained a very severe, traumatic brain injury with diffuse saxonal injury. It was a very severe injury,” Dr. Tanya Minasian, the hospital’s pediatric neurosurgeon, said. “There was shearing of the nerve cells in the brain.”

Jazzmine’s parents stayed hopeful that she would make it, and there were even times that she woke up.

“We were trying to tell her where she was, that she’s OK,” her mom, Emilee Samaniego, said.

“She would get up and rip everything off,” her dad added.

For Jazzmine, there was no recollection. But within three weeks, she started showing signs of progress.

And then one day, “I just remember they were taking her down the hallway, and I just remember Jazzy looking at me, and that was the turning point and she looked at me … She said, ‘Hi daddy,’” her father said.

Jazzmine stunned doctors with a mirculous recovery.

“Most of those patients, if not 90% of those patients, actually never regain consciousness,” Minasian said. “So the fact that Jazzmine did, and she’s back to her normal self, is quite amazing.”

By Dec. 4, 2021, she was discharged from the hospital.

When asked how she feels, Jazzmine said, “Happy, I’m still alive and like I’m perfect again.”

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