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4 Twitter alternatives in case the app shuts down or you decide to log off permanently

Twitter has gone through a lot of changes recently.

The popular social media site got a new owner when Elon Musk, also the CEO of Tesla, took over in October.

Following his arrival, changes to the verification process and the layoffs of multiple Twitter employees left many users uncertain about the app’s future, leading to hashtags like #RipTwitter and #GoodbyeTwitter trending on the site.

If you are considering leaving the app or are concerned that it will be shut down, here are some alternative social media websites you can use.


Many Twitter users have signed up for Mastodon, a free, open-source platform. The app, launched in 2016 by developer Eugen Rochko, has received over 1 million users since Oct. 27.

While the app may feel and seem like Twitter, there are some significant differences, according to its website.

Unlike Twitter, Mastodon operates multiple servers instead of being housed on one domain, it has a slower processing system, and tweets are known as “bots.”

Tribel Social

Self-described as a “pro-democracy Twitter alternative,” the social media app allows users to create posts that will help users reach the right audience to receive maximum engagement and minimize endless scrolling, according to its App Store description.

The app prides itself on its custom news feed, allowing users to find the articles they are looking for and exactly when they want them.


According to its website, the Amino app allows users to “build their community” with the ability to choose custom designs such as logos, themes, background images, and more.

The app allows users to join a community focused on someone’s interests.


Launched in 2015, Discord operates as a multifaceted messaging app.

The website states that users can send voice, video, or text messages to friends on their servers with invite-only spaces focusing on anything from favorite sports teams to the latest fashion trends.

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