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4 victims held at gunpoint in Beverly Crest follow-home robbery

Four people were robbed at gunpoint after they were followed home from a Beverly Grove restaurant early Wednesday morning, police said.

The robbery occurred about 1 a.m. when the victims returned to a residence in the 2400 block of Coldwater Canyon Drive in the Beverly Crest neighborhood.

The four victims arrived at a home they were renting and were confronted by three suspects, Los Angeles Police Department Detective Chris Marsden said.

One of the suspects was holding a rifle, Marsden said. The other two were armed with handguns.

“They were forced to give over their jewelry. They were also forced inside the home, which is very alarming,” Marsden said.

While inside the home, the victims were ordered to lay down as the robbers ransacked the residence.

The suspects took jewelry, designer handbags and designer clothing before fleeing, Marsden said.

He said the victims were robbed despite being aware of the recent trend in follow-home robberies and taking precautions.

“They did notice a car behind them as they were coming up the canyon,” Marsden said.

The victims apparently even passed their residence and made a U-turn before returning to the home.

They believed they were no longer being followed but were confronted moments later, Marsden said.

Investigators are searching the area for possible surveillance video to help with the investigation.

“We’ve made a great deal of arrests in these cases … I’m confident we’ll catch them,” Marsden said.

Despite the number of arrests, these types of crimes are lucrative and becoming more common.

“It’s become an alarming crime trend,” he said.

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