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89-year-old unharmed after crashing hang glider near Marshall Peak: SBSD

An octogenarian hang glider was unscathed after a crash into the side of Marshall Peak Saturday afternoon, according to the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

Susumu Sagara, 89, launched his hang glider at Marshall Peak Saturday afternoon, but crashed shortly after takeoff, the SBSD said in a news release.

Because the crash site was not easily accessible, the Sheriff’s Department’s helicopter was called in.

Once Sagara was found, a medic was hoisted down. Once on the ground, the medic found Sagara was unharmed, and the two were hoisted up into the helicopter.

Sagara was keen on being reunited with his hang gliding group, the rest of whom were at the designated landing area.

As Sagara and two medics walked toward the group, Sagara asked to finish the journey alone.

“As the medics walked back to the helicopter, Susumu put his arms in the air and began celebrating,” the Sheriff’s Department said.

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