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ASK IRA: Could the Heat start both Max Strus and Tyler Herro?

Q: Hi, Ira. Could Max Strus have a shot at the starting P.J. Tucker slot? Could they start him and Tyler Herro, too? – Eddie.

A: The only way Max Strus could start alongside Tyler Herro would be for Max or Jimmy Butler to start at power forward. And that would put considerable stress on your defense. So would playing Max and Tyler in the same unit. Now, when opponents downsize, could Max work as a de facto power forward? Sure. But so could Jimmy. It comes down to the opposition’s commitment to play big.

Q: If the Nets really expect teams to give up tons of picks and a team’s best players, they will never trade Kevin Durant. No team will blow up their entire roster for a 34-year-old player with a serious injury history. KD must know this. Do you think he really wants to be traded? – Jeffrey, Miami.

A: He does, and he wants it all. It is why the Nets are in a bind. The next question is if he is willing to subvert his team’s chances to get his desired outcome, as James Harden did with the Rockets and Nets.

Q: Have you noticed the disconnect between the front office and the coaching staff? It seems the front office offers long-term contracts (investments) to certain players (Duncan Robinson, Dewayne Dedmon, and Caleb Martin) while Erik Spoelstra provides significant minutes to players on shorter-term deals. – Fabian.

A: There may be many elements in play with the Heat’s personnel moves (including cap considerations, luxury tax, hard cap) but a coach-management disconnect is not one of them. The continuity the Heat have in place is something envied elsewhere.


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