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ASK IRA: Is developmental talent slipping away from Heat?

Q: I like Micah Potter in summer league last year, but didn’t see him play in the G League. I hope it turns out for the best. – Ces.

A: This was in response to Micah Potter being traded from the Heat’s G League affiliate to the Pistons’ G League affiliate, and then being signed to a camp contract by Detroit. But that is what happens in the G League, you make decisions on how a player might or might not fit your organization and then you move on. The Heat already have two development projects on their NBA roster, in Omer Yurtseven and Nikola Jovic, plus they also have targeted Orlando Robinson for further development, most likely with the Sioux Falls Skyforce. At a certain point, you cut bait to see what else you can reel in. And the Heat’s approach with their G League team is to groom players for the NBA. Should that player wind up with another NBA team, so be it. That nonetheless also validates the developmental process.

Q: Now that the Nets have called Kevin Durant’s bluff, Pat Riley is left with nothing. This team isn’t better today than it was last year. Riley should have gone after Myles Turner. – Faye.

A: First, he still could. But the Pacers likely would prefer the Lakers’ first-round picks to the Heat’s, simply because the Heat rarely fall from playoff contention. When the Lakers are bad, they can be really bad. But, also, who is to say the Heat aren’t better than last season? Yes, P.J. Tucker is gone, but what about the potential for growth from within?

Q: Since Udonis Haslem seems quite content to draw millions of dollars annually in salary for sitting at the end of the bench doing nothing. Do you think if Pat Riley told him to be ready to start this year averaging 40 or more minutes per game, he might be induced to retire already? – Jerry, Coral Springs.

A: No, Udonis Haslem is content to sit on the bench and help motivate teammates to greater heights. And no one is going to force feed minutes to Udonis because that is a ridiculous notion. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to play. With so much uncertainty at power forward, it will be interesting to see if Haslem perhaps goes out working up a lather from more than sidelined exhortations.


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