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ASK IRA: Is the Heat rotation still too random?

Q: Ira, the Heat were lifeless on Friday night. Why not the energy of Caleb Martin? – Stan.

A: If nothing else, these types of questions have become the theme of the season: the player who doesn’t play who should have played. For a while, it was Victor Oladipo. Then it was Duncan Robinson. And now, with the rotation reshuffled with Friday’s return of Kyle Lowry, it was Caleb Martin being an odd man out. Of course, it’s always easier to point out in retrospect what was missing and who could have helped, be it Oladipo for attacking, Robinson for 3-point shooting or Martin for energy. My takeaway in real time was that it is difficult to get where you want and need with the rotation with both Vincent and Oladipo in the bench rotation. As Lowry is able to ramp his minutes up in his return from his hamstring strain, it is possible that Vincent becomes the next odd man out.

Q: Dewayne Dedmon should go for the knockout. – Steve.

A: I’m assuming you’re talking about a blow to Joel Embiid’s face? Not cool. Not even in the heat of Heat-Knicks in the ‘90s would that be considered fair game. Now, if Dewayne Dedmon chooses to maximize his six fouls with physical play against Joel, that’s another story. For now, the Heat goal has to be hurting the 76ers on the scoreboard. That’s the simplest way to remove Joel from the competition.

Q: Joel Embid is too tall and talented for Bam Adebayo. – Dom.

A: If that’s your way of saying that Joel Embiid is a better player than Bam Adebayo, there is no argument here. But that’s not the issue at the moment. The issue is Bam giving enough to at least make it a competitive fight. Friday night was too lopsided. The Heat need that to change Sunday.


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