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Bacteria found in water on carrier Abraham Lincoln, Navy says

Water on board the San Diego-based aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln was found contaminated with bacteria after the ship left port last week, a Navy official said Monday.

Sailors isolated one water tank after they noticed the water looked cloudy, according to Cmdr. Sean Robertson, a 3rd Fleet spokesperson. Other tanks also tested positive for bacteria and were also isolated, Robertson said, and no sailors have fallen ill.

“There was some bacteria in the water but those tanks were isolated and the water they have now is safe to drink,” Robertson told the Union-Tribune Monday. “Nobody has gotten sick from any type of contaminants.”

Robertson said he had no information about what type of bacteria was found. The Abraham Lincoln is conducting routine operations off the Southern California coast, Robertson said. The carrier left port Wednesday.

The incident comes on the heels of another involving an aircraft carrier’s water supply.

Jet fuel contaminated the water on the Bremerton, Wa.-based carrier Nimitz while it was off the Southern California coast Sept. 16, Navy Times reported. The ship docked in San Diego after the issue was discovered. After flushing the system, the water was safe to drink by Sept. 19, the Navy said.

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