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Border Patrol agents detain over 200 migrants near Imperial Beach

Border Patrol agents detained more than 200 people who federal authorities said had entered the U.S. illegally within the past five days, according to a statement released Wednesday.

Both groups of people entered the country near Imperial Beach, the Border Patrol said. The first — consisting of 123 people — entered through a damaged area of the border wall just before 7 p.m. last Saturday.

Agents found the group between the primary and secondary border fences, authorities said.

The second group included 101 people who entered the U.S. through a drainage tube near Imperial Beach, according to the Border Patrol. Smugglers cut the drainage tube bars with a blow torch, allowing the migrants to climb through.

Border Patrol agents found the second group just before 2 a.m. Tuesday.

Federal authorities said the 224 people were citizens of 13 different countries. The majority —183 people — were citizens of Brazil. The rest of the migrants were from Romania, Colombia, Sierra Leon, Peru, Nepal and other countries.

The two groups were comprised of 167 adults traveling alone and 57 people within various family units. All were medically evaluated and cleared without injury, Border Patrol authorities said.

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