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British firefighters free man with hand stuck in sofa

Firefighters in Britain responded to a strange job this week when a man needed their assistance after getting his hand stuck in his couch.

England’s Stapleton Fire Station answered the call for the victim who had “his hand trapped down the back of a sofa,” according to a Facebook post from the station.

Firefighters in Britain rescued a man who got his hand stuck inside of his sofa.
Stapleford Fire Station/Facebook

Firefighters were able to extract the man who suffered no serious injuries besides “slight reddening to his hand,” the station said.

“It really isn’t just fires,” said Firefighter Gavin Wilson, who responded to the call, in a statement.

“I am pleased we were able to help the male without hurting him further or damaging his sofa. We will revisit him later today, make sure he is ok and complete a safe and well visit.”

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