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Bullet Narrowly Misses Couple Driving on East Bay Freeway

A bullet nearly hit a couple driving on Interstate 580 in the East Bay last month, and the moment was all captured on their dashcam.

The shooting occurred three weeks ago near Grand Avenue as Garrett Mason and Tina Do were traveling from Oakland to Pleasanton.

The couple said they saw two cars driving erratically around them right before the shooting.

“It was about 10 seconds onto the freeway where the first vehicle’s passenger got outside of his window and fired back at the other vehicle,” Mason said.

The California Highway Patrol said it is still investigating the shooting. 

“I saw the bullet hole right in the windshield and how it just went past me,” Do said. “Knowing my family and friends are out here and we didn’t do anything wrong to deserve this.”

The experience reminded the couple of recent tragedies where adults and a toddler were killed on Bay Area freeways.

This time they were lucky.

“It’s really sad that it can happen to anybody and we have no power in it at all,” Do said.

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