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Canadian man takes out billboard to trade one stick of string cheese

A Toronto big cheese is paying big bucks for a massive billboard trying to trade a snack he found in the refrigerator of his new home.

Angel Domingo bought a billboard in the city’s Yonge-Dundas Square to advertise a single stick of string cheese apparently left behind by the previous residents, he told GlobalNews.

“FOR TRADE: One Cheestring,” the massive billboard reads. “Accepting trades for one Cheese string. Marble flavour, still in original packaging.

“No lowballs. I know what I have,” the ad concludes with a phone number.

Domingo said he regularly trades items online such as car parts or furniture but thought he’d see what he could get for the string cheese. Since the unusual advertisement went up, he’s been getting all kinds of trade offers in “droves.”

“This is probably the strangest thing that I’ve ever had to offer up,” he told the Canadian outlet. “Somebody told me that I wouldn’t get anything for it and nobody would want it, but I guess some people really want it.”

“(I’ve received) a lot of offers,” Domingo continued. “Some people are calling me again because the first offer they had wasn’t good enough.”

A photo of the cheese-stick advertisement placed on the billboard Angel Domingo bought is shown in Yonge-Dundas Square.

The largest offer he received in exchange for the cheese? Two Persian cats, he said. 

The picky barterer has yet to accept any offers, however.

“I’ve been telling everybody the same thing when they asked me what I’m looking for … it’s like you’ll know when you see it,” he said.

“There’s been a lot offers and a lot of it is just fluff  — there hasn’t been any quality,” Domingo added.

He would not disclose how much he paid to put up the billboard, but admitted the joke cost “a lot of money.”

While the billboard will only be up for a few more weeks, the Black Diamond-brand cheese stick still has months before it expires.

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