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Car Used to Take Girl to Chemo Totaled by Pursuit Driver

A women’s car was totaled after the driver of a stolen construction truck hit it during a pursuit Tuesday, leaving her without transportation at a dire time when she needs to take her daughter to chemo treatments.

The man behind the wheel of the stolen vehicle Tuesday night drove through several residential neighborhoods, including Montclair, the neighborhood that Natalie Gutierrez was in when she got hit.

Gutierrez was just getting into her car when the vehicle hit her sedan.

Gutierrez, who is a mother to an 11-year-old, found out that her daughter was diagnosed with leukemia four weeks ago and relies on that car to take her daughter to her treatments. She is also unemployed.

Prior to the crash, she was trying to go to the store before her daughter’s chemotherapy treatment.

Gutierrez, who is a single mother, said that she has no other way to get to her daughter to her weekly treatments in Orange County.

“That car was the only thing I had, and it wasn’t because I love that car — it was because my daughter needs transportation,” Gutierrez said.

There were no physical injuries in the crash, however, Gutierrez and her daughter are left without a car.

“I need transportation. Anything that you can help is good, anything,” said Gutierrez.

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