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Climbers rescued in Riverside County after being stuck in overnight storm

Search and rescue crews saved a pair of rock climbers who got stranded following an overnight storm in Riverside County.

Climbers were stranded about 900 feet on the side of a mountain in Riverside County (Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department)

A helicopter from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Special Enforcement Bureau responded to Tahquitz Peak Sunday morning to assist their counterparts in Riverside County in their effort to rescue the climbers.

Rescuers and paramedics were lowered down to their location, which was about 900 feet up the side of the mountain, the Sheriff’s Department said.

The two hikers were stranded overnight when a storm swept through the area bringing rain and plunging temperatures.

The two were in critical condition at the time of their rescue and were suffering from hypothermia, the Sheriff’s Department said.

The climbers were hoisted out from their location and taken to safety.

Their current conditions are unclear at this time, but a tweet from the Special Enforcement Bureau seemed to imply that the two were going to be OK.

Around the time of the Riverside County rescue, firefighters from the Los Angeles Fire Department responded for a hiker who was seriously injured after taking a fall on El Scorpion Trail in Bell Canyon Park in West Hills.

Crews were working to rescue that injured hiker and transport him to the hospital by ambulance.

Nearly a month ago, former NFL player and Long Beach firefighter Gavin Escobar and his climbing partner, Chelsea Walsh, died in an accident while climbing the peak.

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