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Cops searched Delphi murder suspect Richard Allen’s home for 12 hours: neighbors

DELPHI, Ind. — Authorities conducted an all-day search of the Delphi double murder suspect’s property around 10 days before his arrest, sources told The Post.

Non-uniform officers searched Richard Allen’s home, which he shared with wife Kathy, and their property for about 12 hours, according to neighbors.

“They were definitely snooping around a lot at the fire pit and at the backyard,” a neighbor said, who described “lots of flashlights, lots of pictures, lots of sifting.”

Allen, 50, was arrested last week for the notorious Delphi murders, in which two Indiana teen girls were killed while hiking near their hometown five years ago, police confirmed Monday.

Cops believe Allen murdered Liberty “Libby” German, 14, and Abigail Williams, 13, on a hiking trail the day before Valentine’s Day in 2017. 

Neighbors told The Post they knew something was going on when they saw police searching the property, but didn’t suspect it would be connected to the gruesome killings that have rocked the small Midwest town.

Richard Allen was arrested last week for the murders of two teenage girls.

Allen’s arrested for the murders “was the farthest thing from anyone’s brain… everyone’s really shocked.”

The neighbors couldn’t make sense of why the fire pit was being examined at the time, saying “we never really see them burn things.”

A collage made in Libby and Abby's memory showing a picture of them with the text "Fly High Sweet Angels"
Libby and Abby were killed in 2017.

The couple said Allen and his wife — who hasn’t been seen at the property since her husband’s arrest — were quiet people who kept to themselves.

“I don’t think anyone was really friends with him,” one told The Post.

Evidence against Allen, a licensed pharmacy technician at CVS, has been temporarily sealed to avoid jeopardizing the “integrity” of their investigation, according to police. 

A judge found probable cause to deny bond to Allen, who gave a not guilty plea at his initial hearing on Friday.

A different neighbor described Allen as a thorough pharmacy technician who went above and beyond at his job.

“I swear to you he seemed like a great person,” she said. Adding he and his wife are “very nice”.

Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter
Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter at a news conference Monday about Richard Allen.

“I don’t think you’ll find anyone who’ll say something mean about him.”

Another neighbor said she “never wouldn’t guessed,” adding: “He helped me several times” at CVS.

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