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Corona family-owned restaurant reeling from string of break-ins

A hard-working family just trying to make a living is dealing with added stress caused by several break-ins at their family-owned restaurant.

The most recent break-in was caught on security footage which shows hooded thieves smashing glass and breaking into Mi Tierra Mexican Restaurant in Corona.

Intruders have busted through four​​ times within the last 10 months — as long the family-owned business has been open.

The first break-in happened in September, another in March and two more happened just this month.

There hasn’t been any cash for them to grab, the family takes all their valuables and cash home for the evening, but it doesn’t seem to stop thieves from going for the empty register and leaving a trail of destruction after each break-in.

Ivan Galvez manages the family-run restaurant. He says the break-ins have cost thousands of dollars in repairs and have taken even a bigger tolls on the family’s well-being.

“It just sucks when someone comes in and breaks in, makes a mess, and tries to take whatever it is we have, because we work hard for it,” Galvez told KTLA. “It’s upsetting and it’s stressful too.”

Galvez said the restaurant is equipped with a security system including cameras and an alarm, but thieves are not deterred.

So far, no suspects have been caught.

“To the people that are doing this, just know that we’re not rich by any means, so the things that you do, do affect us,” Galvan said.

Galvez says his family will be fortifying their front doors and windows.

Police say two suspects have been arrested and two others were identified in connection to similar crimes in the area. The three men involved in the most recent break-in a Mi Tierra drove off in a red SUV. Anyone with information should contact the Corona Police Department at 951-736-2330.

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