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Defiant Tinhorn Flats Evicted From Burbank Building by Property Owner

The Tinhorn Flats Saloon & Grill, which remained open during the coronavirus pandemic in defiance of local and state orders, was evicted from its Burbank location by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department on Tuesday.

The Sheriff’s Department turned over possession of the building to the property owner, Isabelle Lepejian, “as the last step in the eviction process she initiated against Tinhorn Flats,” the city of Burbank said in a statement.

“The property owner was granted a writ of possession, and her right to enter and occupy the property pursuant to the writ of possession is accomplished by the Sheriff placing the property owner in possession,” the statement said.

The city said the eviction proceeding is a separate legal action from the temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction issued by LA County Superior Court in the civil lawsuit against Tinhorn Flats.

The restaurant’s health permit was suspended in December 2020 for violating health officer orders, and in January 2021, LA County issued a cease and desist order and later revoked the restaurant’s public health permit.

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