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‘Delta Karen’ Patricia Cornwall once allegedly threatened to kill mom, stepdad

The woman dubbed “Delta Karen” for allegedly slapping a passenger in a mid-flight fracas once threatened to kill her mother and stepfather — and was put on a psychiatric hold, court documents reveal.

Patricia Cornwall’s stepdad, Robert Spoeri, filed the restraining order against her in July 2020 after she made the alleged threats while living with them in their Los Angeles home.

Along with the alleged death threats, Spoeri claimed in the order that Cornwall, 51, had physically attacked him and her mother, Yolanda Spoeri.

“Patricia kicked me, punched me, threatened to kill me, jumped on me, pulled my hair very hard, pounded my head into the floor and more because I would not divulge where her mother was hiding,” the stepdad wrote in the order.

“Her real goal was to do far greater injury to her mother.

According to an unearthed report, the “Delta Karen” Patricia Cornwall, allegedly once threatened to kill her mother, Yolanda Spoeri

“She threatened my wife a few weeks ago and my wife had to hide in the garage and flee and spend the night at a friend’s house.”

Cornwall also allegedly claimed she was the real mother of her two teenage half-siblings — and threatened during a “delusional episode” to kidnap them, the stepdad wrote.

Spoeri said Cornwall — a one-time NFL cheerleader and former “Baywatch” actor — had been taken away by cops to a psychiatric unit following the latest alleged attack on July 30, 2020.

He claimed it was the “second or third time” that Cornwall had been put on a psychiatric hold to assess her mental health, the court documents show.

The stepdad, who said he was left with minor cuts, abrasions and emotional trauma from the ordeal, asked for Cornwall to be ordered to stay away from their home, his church and his teenage children’s school.

The judge granted a temporary order on July 31, 2020, but the case was dismissed the following month when Cornwall and the Spoeris failed to show in court.

In January, a judge granted a domestic violence protection order against Cornwall that was filed by her sister-in-law, Monica Cummings, court records show.

Patricia Cornwall allegedly went ballistic on a man during a flight because he wouldn't put on a mask while he was eating and drinking.
Patricia Cornwall allegedly went ballistic on a man during a flight because he wouldn’t put on a mask while he was eating and drinking.
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Cornwall, according to the court documents, has a “history of violent outbursts and destructive and erratic behavior.”

She allegedly sent voice messages to Cummings in which she threatened her, saying, “You are dead.”

Cummings claimed that Cornwall has an “infatuation” with her newborn son and two daughters, writing: “She has bipolar tendencies and paranoia.”

Cornwall was hit with federal charges on Monday for her wild mid-flight tirade that went viral on social media.

The fracas began when Cornwall asked a flight attendant with a beverage cart that was blocking the aisle for help finding her seat, according to a criminal complaint.

The flight attendant asked her to find a vacant seat until the beverage service was complete, to which Cornwall snapped back, “What am I, Rosa Parks?”

A man on the flight told her that she “isn’t black … this isn’t Alabama and this isn’t a bus,” prompting them to exchange insults, authorities said.

Footage showed Cornwall berating him for not wearing a mask as he was eating — even though she wasn’t wearing one — and then slapping the man.

She was arrested at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and later taken into custody by the FBI.

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