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Desal report from state Coastal Commission is nonsensical

The California Coastal Commission’s staff is notorious for its hard-edged anti-growth policies, so we weren’t surprised that it issued a report this week opposing a long-planned desalination facility at a shuttered industrial site at Huntington Beach. Fortunately, the commission’s 12-member board  can still approve the Poseidon facility next month.

Even Gov. Gavin Newsom understands what’s at stake in the permitting of a facility that could meet 16% of Orange County’s urban water needs. “This administration is committed to ensuring the sustainability of California’s water supply with an all-of-the-above strategy, and that includes desalination,” Newsom’s office said in a statement.

We’re hoping the governor and the board members are paying attention to the latest news, even if it’s lost on the commission staff. The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California recently called for Southern Californians to cut back their water usage by a startling 30% to deal with a drought “unlike anything we’ve experienced before.”

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