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Disney debuts first plus-size main character in new short film

Disney’s debuted its first plus-size heroine in the new short film “Reflect.” The film promotes body positivity and healthy body imagery through the main character, Bianca, a ballet dancer.

In the film’s opening scene, viewers can see Bianca smiling while practicing her dance moves in an empty studio. However, her confidence begins to waver when her dance teacher instructs her to have a “tight tummy and long neck,” which are physical attributes Bianca doesn’t have.

Throughout the film, viewers can see Bianca struggle with her body image, but she eventually gets to a place where she feels happy with how she looks.

Disney Animation artist Hillary Bradfield directed the film. She has also worked on other Disney films like “Encanto” and “Frozen 2,” according to IMDB.

Bradfield’s inspiration for the film stemmed from her own struggles with body positivity.

After the character’s debut, the internet was left divided. Some fans praised Disney for its representation of different body types, while others called out the company for encouraging children to be overweight.

The short film is a part of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Short Circuit Experimental Film series, allowing Disney artists to pitch and create their own films.

 “Reflect” is now available to stream on Disney+.

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