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Driver of Suspected Stolen Tow Truck Jumps Onto Motorcycle, Leads Pursuit Through San Fernando Valley

A driver of a possibly stolen tow truck evaded police by jumping onto a motorcycle and escaping in an underground parking lot of an apartment complex in North Hollywood Monday night.

A citizen first reported the stolen tow truck shortly after 10 p.m. which prompted a pursuit, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

During the pursuit of the tow truck, the driver came to an intersection where a motorcycle was parked in the middle of the road.

It was unclear if the motorcycle belonged to someone else or if someone had left the motorcycle for the driver to escape on.

Once the pursuit driver got onto the motorcycle, police ground units stopped following the driver and only the police air unit continued.

The driver was traveling at speeds of up to 100 mph on the motorcycle through areas like Tujunga, Sunland, Sun Valley until reaching North Hollywood.

Once in North Hollywood, the driver went inside an underground parking garage of an apartment complex.

It was unclear if officers located the driver.

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