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El Paso launches online dashboard to track ongoing migrant crisis

El Paso has launched a new online migrant dashboard as over 60,000 border crossers have passed through the overwhelmed Texas city in the last six months.

The city’s new Migrant Situational Awareness Dashboard provides weekly statistics on the number of migrant encounters reported by federal agencies as well as data on those released into the community and the number of migrants provided services at El Paso’s Migrant Welcome Center.

The new data center was introduced as El Paso has extended an emergency declaration as it struggles to handle its ongoing migrant crisis as people cross the border in record numbers.

According to the city, more than 62,000 people passed through El Paso from April 2022 to mid-September 2022. In September alone, over 13,000 have passed through El Paso  — the highest number the city has experienced. 

Over 62,000 migrants have passed through El Paso between April and September, most from Venezuela.
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Agents from US Customs and Border Protection are encountering a weekly average of 2,100 migrants per day, data shows. Approximately 70% of the individuals and family units come from Venezuela.

The city has served over 16,600 migrants at its welcome center, where they are given food, water and assistance to get to their desired destination.

The crisis influx has been a major economic burden for El Paso, costing the city as much as $10 million per month, prompting the officials to begin sending migrants to sanctuary cities such as New York and Chicago.

Last month, the City of El Paso was spending $300,000 a day to shelter, feed and send asylum-seeking immigrants to New York City — with the blessing of mayor Eric Adams — as well as Chicago.

snapshot of migrant dashboard
The new Migrant Situational Awareness Dashboard provides weekly updates on the migrant crisis in El Paso.
City of El Paso

City officials said El Paso is chartering nine to 14 buses a day, according to KFOX. The city is expecting $2 million in federal assistance money to help with the situation.

So far this year, the city has chartered travel for over 12,000 migrants — 9,350 bound for New York City and another 2,664 for Chicago, according to the dashboard.

The number of migrants sent to New York City from Democrat-led El Paso is double the number of migrants shipped to the Big Apple by Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbot, accounting for 42% of the migrants that have arrived since May.

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