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Elderly couple brutally attacked at Elton John concert in L.A.

Police are investigating after an elderly couple was brutally attacked while leaving an Elton John concert at Dodger Stadium on Thursday night.

The fight broke out in the parking lot after two parties were leaving the concert, according to Los Angeles Police Department.

The victims were a husband and wife in their 60s, according to TMZ.

It began as a verbal confrontation over an alleged fender bender which eventually turned physical, police said.

The older couple was attacked by a group of at least 4-6 people, an attack which included punching, choking and hair pulling, according to TMZ reports.

Video obtained by TMZ shows the husband lying on the ground as a group of men surround him, pushing him down and punching him while remains on the ground.

A large group of bystanders is seen watching and recording the incident.

At one point, the wife allegedly hopped out of the car to help her husband but was body-slammed to the ground by the suspects. The impact allegedly left the couple unconscious, according to TMZ.

The wife eventually regained consciousness and was able to drive her husband to the hospital where he currently remains.

TMZ video also shows a bystander recording the assault, which was noticed by one of the suspects who appeared to attack the videographer.

No arrests were made and the group of assailants remains at large, authorities said.

Details are limited as the case remains under investigation. This story will be updated.

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