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Face off: Eric Adams says MSG boss James Dolan should ‘not abuse’ tech

Mayor Eric Adams appeared to tweak MSG boss James Dolan for his use of facial-recognition technology to ban lawyers and other perceived enemies from his venues — but he gave “two thumbs up” for using such tech to root out criminals.

“You should use technology and not abuse technology,” Adams said on FOX 5’s “Good Day New York” Friday morning, when asked about the Dolan controversy. 

Dolan, 67, came under fire last month after facial recognition software booted a New Jersey attorney affiliated with a law firm involved in a suit against one of the billionaire’s venues from Radio City Music Hall.

Similar Big Brother-esque restrictions are in place at Madison Square Garden.

Mayor Eric Adams made the rounds on morning shows early Friday.

In a bizarre Thursday appearance on “Good Day New York,” Dolan threatened to withhold alcohol at MSG in response to the investigation into his use of the controversial technology.

“We’re gonna pick a night, maybe a Rangers game, and we’re gonna shut down all the liquor and alcohol in [MSG],” the embattled billionaire told the hosts.

While Adams admitted that he did not watch the interview, the self-proclaimed “top cop” was quick to support similar technology that could root out potential criminals.

James Dolan made a bizarre, ranting appearance on "Good Day New York" on Friday.
James Dolan made a bizarre, ranting appearance on “Good Day New York” on Friday.

“I think you should use every form of technology within the boundaries of the Constitution to identify dangerous people and to make sure that we have a safe use of this technology,” he said.

“I’m a big believer in technology.”

Adams said the lawsuits against Dolan were “an opportunity to…determine if some type of rule was violated,” but clarified that he had “two thumbs up for technology…that should be used within the restrictions of the Constitution and our local laws.”

Adams said he had "two thumbs up" for technology.
Adams said he had “two thumbs up” for technology.

In an appearance on “PIX11 Morning News” later Friday morning, Adams reiterated that he was not sure if facial recognition was being “used correctly” at Dolan’s venues.

“Any form of technology [we use in New York City]…we use it within the guardrails of the Constitution,” he reassured viewers.

During both interviews, Mayor Adams was eager to steer the conversation toward the contents of his State of the City address, and made several comments defending his approach to crime and bail reform.

Madison Square Garden now uses facial recognition software as part of their security measures.
Madison Square Garden now uses facial recognition software as part of their security measures.
Matthew McDermott

“We’re moving in the right direction,” he told “Good Day New York” of his administration’s crackdown on subway offenses.

‘Now, we’ve removed thousands of people off our subway system, put them into save havens and other care.”

Speaking to “PIX11 Morning News,” Adams called out the “bottleneck criminal justice system.” 

“People are taking too long to get justice they deserve, and then we must zero in on those repeated offenders,” he said, dancing around the host’s questions about his negotiations with Albany on bail reform.

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