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Fences Were Torn at Echo Park Sending a Message

Late Sunday night a group of people tore down fences and posted signs at Echo Park trying to send a message.

About 20 to 30 people rode their bikes into the fences knocking them down potentially trying to send a message about how the park is regulated.

Echo Park was closed for a couple of months to allow for $500,000 worth of renovations.

The park has been open for over a year but has had fencing surrounding it the entire time.

Around 9 p.m. LAPD responded to a call but by the time they arrived people were already gone.

Back in March 2021 the LAPD closed the park down as an effort to remove homeless encampments and preform renovations to the park.

Echo Park had one of the largest homeless encampments in LA.

After the park reopened the fencing around it remained.

Park rangers will be back Monday trying to put the fences back up.

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