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Fourth of July fireworks displays will be shorter this year thanks to inflation: insider

Today’s nationwide inflation is impacting the fireworks industry as well, of course.

Celebratory explosives are seeing a major price hike ahead of the Fourth of July, with the overall cost across the industry spiking 35%, according to the American Pyrotechnic Association.

Minnesota Pyrotechnics owner James Baxter joined “Fox & Friends First” on Friday to explain that shipping costs alone have gone up almost 400% in some cases.

“You’re also seeing a lack of [fireworks] coming into the country,” he said.

“So, it’s causing most of the shortages” and affecting costs as well.  

Fireworks sold in retail outlets should still be available, Baxter said — but from the professional back end, inventory is “lacking.”

Baxter revealed that skyrocketing pricing will impact Independence Day celebrations across the country by shortening displays or causing cancellations of firework events altogether.

“Some shows that have been shooting since, like, 1915, — they’re not able to get product for them,” he said.

Firework shows on July 4 may be shortened by two to three minutes this year.
Paul Martinka
Due to inflation, firework displays on July 4 may be shorter than usual this year.
Due to inflation, firework displays on July 4 may be shorter than usual this year.
Paul Martinka

“They’re not able to find people to shoot their shows.”

“A lot of them have canceled here in Minnesota and across the country.”

Baxter explained that even though some shows will go on, displays won’t be as long as they were in the past. 

Some fireworks displays could be cut down by a significant two to three minutes, he said.

On top of cost, regulations on importing larger firework shells have caused “several issues” as well, Baxter added.

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