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Fugitive yoga teacher Kaitlin Armstrong pleads not guilty in love-triangle murder case

A lawyer for the Texas yoga teacher accused of gunning down a romantic rival claimed cops “seemingly ignored” a tip about the slain victim’s ex-boyfriend — as his client pleaded not guilty on Wednesday.

Kaitlin Armstrong’s attorney Rick Cofer also claimed Armstrong and her boyfriend’s home was vandalized on the night 25-year-old pro cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson was murdered.

Cofer bashed investigators in brief remarks to reporters following Armstrong’s first court appearance since she busted last month hiding out in a Costa Rica hostel using a fake name and with her appearance drastically altered.

Kaitlin Armstrong pleaded not guilty to murdering pro-cyclist Anna Moriah Wilson in Texas.
Harris County Sheriff’s Office

“Why did the Austin Police Department seemingly ignore a tip about the former boyfriend of Miss Wilson?” Cofer asked, claiming the cops presented “inaccurate and misleading information” to obtain an arrest warrant.

“Did the inexperience of two key officers assigned to this case play a role in its apparent mishandling? Who vandalized the home of Kaitlin Armstrong and [boyfriend] Colin Strickland on the night of Wilson’s death — and why?”

Cofer didn’t elaborate on his claims and didn’t take questions from reporters, Fox 7 video showed. He left the courthouse as reporters called out, “Why did she leave the country?” and “Why did she go to Costa Rica?”

But before he took off, he claimed some information reported in the news was inaccurate and pledged, “There’s a lot more to the story than has yet been heard.”

Defense attorneys requested a speedy trial in the court room, where cameras weren’t allowed. Prosecutors pushed back, with an attorney for the state telling Judge Brenda Kennedy, “We don’t have all the evidence to give them,” according to KXAN.

“I don’t know what kind of privilege this particular defendant has to cut in front of all of these people who have been waiting for trial,” the prosecutor said, according to KVUE-TV.

Armstrong's lawyer questioned why investigators allegedly ignored a tip about Wilson's ex-boyfriend.
Armstrong’s lawyer questioned why investigators allegedly ignored a tip about Wilson’s ex-boyfriend.
Instagram / Moriah Wilson

Cofer responded by telling reporters, “cases shouldn’t be indicted if prosecutors are not prepared to proceed.”

Cops believe Armstrong shot Wilson on May 11 in a jealous rage over the cyclist’s relationship with Armstrong’s live-in boyfriend Strickland, who’s also a competitive cyclist. Wilson, who was in Austin preparing for a bicycle race, had spent the day with Strickland at a pool and at dinner before she was found shot multiple times in her friend’s house.

A Jeep matching Armstrong’s was spotted on surveillance footage outside of the house shortly after Wilson returned from her day out with Strickland.

Armstrong's lawyer also claimed her and boyfriend Colin Strickland's home was vandalized on the night of the murder.
Armstrong’s lawyer also claimed her and boyfriend Colin Strickland’s home was vandalized on the night of the murder.
Flo Bikes

The yogi was questioned by police but then sold her Jeep for $12,200 and left the US using someone else’s passport, authorities said.

She was caught in June at a coastal yoga retreat after a six-week, international manhunt. She was wearing a bandage on her nose and had a receipt for cosmetic surgery among the possessions she left behind, according to authorities.

Armstrong is being held in Travis County jail on $3.5 million bond. She is due back in court Oct. 19 with jury selection in her trial begins Oct. 24, reports said.

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