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Georgia woman captured ramming SUV into cops, claims she ‘didn’t do it’

Wild video shows a Georgia woman plowing her SUV into cops and police cars while a small child sits in the backseat — then claim “I didn’t do it!” once she’s finally caught.

Sierra Hibbert took police on a short but bizarre chase after they pulled her over after reports she was driving erratically and veering into oncoming traffic on Highway 42, Byron Police Department said in a news release Monday.

She was being “uncooperative” and not speaking to officers when they caught up with her at the intersection of Highway 49, partially blocking the SUV and placing a tire-deflating Stop Stick underneath it.

Silent dashcam video shows the moment on July 15 Hibbert guns the SUV in reverse, hits a car behind her then goes forward, hitting two witnesses – one of whom is seen getting knocked to the ground in the vehicle’s path. She reverses and moves forward again, and the witness hops in the air to avoid getting pinned between the SUV and a cop car, the video shows.

Sierra Hibbert took police on a short but bizarre chase after they pulled her over.
Byron Georgia Police Department/
Wild video shows a Georgia woman plow her SUV into cops and cars.
The wild video shows a Georgia woman ramming her SUV into cops and cars.
Byron Georgia Police Department/

Cops hop in their cars and follow the SUV onto Highway 49, according to the footage. Officers try to block the car, which has a flat from the Stop Stick, but she backs into a third cop car and then goes forward and hits one of the other police cars for a second time.

An officer tries to punch out her passenger side window as the SUV drives off again in a haze of smoke pouring from its tires, leaving behind debris and skid marks, the video shows. Police block her in again and after a struggle, they finally pull her out of the SUV and slap cuffs on her.

Bodycam footage with audio shows Hibbert refusing to get out of the vehicle initially, then bizarrely claiming “I didn’t do anything.” As cops and others tell her she almost killed people and wrecked police cars, she repeats “I didn’t do it” multiple times and claims “I did not do anything you guys are talking about.”

Police didn’t give the age of the small child or say what his or her relationship to Hibbert was.

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