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Heckler chants ‘F–k Joe Biden’ throughout primetime speech

President Biden’s primetime speech from Philadelphia was interrupted Thursday by a heckler who chanted “F–k Joe Biden” throughout the 24-minute address, which focused on slamming former President Donald Trump as a threat to democracy.

The anti-Biden activist bellowed his profane message with such clarity that it was audible not only to Biden but to anyone listening on the official White House video feed.

“They’re entitled to be outrageous. This is a democracy,” Biden said about 20 minutes into his speech as the heckling persisted.

“Good manners is nothing they’ve ever suffered from,” he added.

Minutes earlier, Biden was thrown off-script by the rude and constant interruption, saying, “Americans have often made the greatest progress coming out of some of our darkest moments, like you’re hearing in that bullhorn.”

The speech, delivered outside Independence Hall, was carried live by very few TV outlets — alleviating possible Federal Communications Commission obscenity penalties for networks.

Biden’s speech focused on calling former President Donald Trump and “MAGA Republicans” a threat to democracy.
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Only CNN and MSNBC broadcast Biden’s speech live. ABC, CBS, NBS, PBS, Fox News and Fox Business carried other programming.

The speech was titled by the White House “the battle for the soul of the nation” and heavily focused on urging voters to reject Trump, who is considering a 2024 rematch against Biden, as well as his Republican allies.

“There’s no question that the Republican Party today is dominated, driven and intimidated by Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans. And that is a threat to this country,” Biden said.

Biden said his heckler is "entitled to be outrageous."
Biden said his heckler is “entitled to be outrageous.”
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Biden focused on last year’s Capitol riot and claimed that Trump allies were preparing to undermine future elections by putting loyalists in charge of counting votes.

“I will not stand by and watch elections in this country stolen by people who simply refuse to accept that they lost,” Biden said. “I will not stand by and watch the most fundamental freedom in his country — the freedom to vote and have your vote counted — be taken from you and the American people.”

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