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How this children’s book aims to create a new generation Grateful Dead fans

Fans of the Grateful Dead can now easily teach their kids, grandkids and even great-grandchildren the ABC’s of the iconic psychedelic jam band and maybe even create more little Deadheads with a new children’s book.

“I hope that parents or grandparents can bond with the kids over something,” said Howie Abrams, a former music executive who co-wrote “The ABCs of the Grateful Dead,” which was published in late November, along with graffiti artist and illustrator Michael McLeer. “I think it forges a better bond with the family. And I do hope the kids will seek out their music.”

The book is filled with McLeer’s brightly colored, psychedelic-style images that include the famous Grateful Dead dancing bears, a turtle sporting a tie-dye shell and newsboy cap, as well as guitar-playing skeleton in a fedora. Each page is dedicated to a letter in the alphabet that corresponds with a band fact to help kids learn the history of the iconic group that formed in 1965.

The letter J, for example, is for Jamming, “which the band did on each song. Extended with solos and funky strumming, until it’s time to move along,” Abrams writes in the book.

P is for Palo Alto. “In Spanish, it means ‘tall tree.’ It’s where the Grateful Dead come from, and where their spirit will always be,” the book reads.

Kids will also learn a little bit about music in general because the letter W is for the “Wall of Sound, The Dead’s massive speaker rig. Ensuring Dead Heads could hear the band, from the first note ’til the end of the gig,” Abrams writes.

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