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Humane Society throws party for Dana the dog as her wait for adoptive home stretches to 2 years

The San Diego Humane Society threw a party over the weekend for Dana the pit bull terrier mix — celebrating not only her seventh birthday but drawing attention to her long wait for a permanent home.

Dana arrived at the shelter in November 2020 when she was picked up as a stray.

“She was in good shape, so it was clear that someone had previously cared for her. However, no one came to claim her,” Humane Society spokesperson Nina Thompson said in a statement. “Months have turned into years, and Dana is still waiting for her family today.”

Dana’s wait for a forever home is one of the longest of any pet held in the Humane Society’s shelters, Thompson said. Not for lack of trying.

Five people have filled out the adoption paperwork and taken her home. And all five have returned her.

One would-be owner kept her a week but found her to be “too high energy.” Another cited her behavior as the reason the adoption didn’t stick. One reported she didn’t get along with other dogs.

One person brought her back the next day after discovering dogs weren’t allowed in the apartment building.

Her last adoption lasted just seven days. That prospective owner brought her back because of allergies. That was in December 2021.

Dana now lives at the Humane Society’s Oceanside facility but spends weekends going on adventures and staying over at the home of a foster parent who is unable to keep her fulltime.

The 56-pound dog has captured the hearts of Humane Society staffers and volunteers, who describe her as having high energy and an “enthusiasm for life.”

“She is such a lovely girl. Just very active, so she needs to go to a home where someone will make sure she gets lots of exercise,” Thompson said.

“Dana is either at zero or 100. This girl has no middle ground. She is either lounging on her bed, slow moving, taking her time, or flat-out running at top speed,” one staffer wrote on the Humane Society’s website. “This girl has no limit to her energy and is totally an extreme sports girl.”

The staffer also described Dana as “a very gentle cuddly girl.”

The organization’s website features videos of her playing with toys, splashing in a pool and running around a yard.

According to the Humane Society, she’s best suited to go with a family that has a home with a yard, no other dogs or cats, and children over age 12.

Anyone interested in adopting Dana can visit the Oceanside campus at 2905 San Luis Rey Road, Oceanside. Her adoption fee has been sponsored by Purina, meaning she can be adopted for free.

“While she hasn’t found her person or persons yet, she’s won the hearts of everyone who’s caring for her at San Diego Humane Society,” Thompson said. “She just needs to find her right person who will love her for who she is.”

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