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Hurricane Ian thunderclap spooks Weather Channel reporter during live shot

He’s had it up to here with Hurricane Ian.

A Weather Channel reporter abandoned a frightening Hurricane Ian live shot Wednesday after a booming thunderclap exploded nearby.

The helmeted correspondent was gamely reporting amid driving rains in Punta Gorda when the skies suddenly cracked above him.

The Weather Channel pro was shaken by a loud clap of thunder
Weather Channel via @cjzero/Twit

The reporter abruptly stopped talking, jerkily hopped to one side and looked up at the sky before pacing away from the frame while shaking his head.

Another reporter — also struggling to keep her cool in another hurricane-ravaged area — took over the segment at that point.

“Things have gotten pretty rough here,” she said understatedly while trying to remain upright in the face of flying palm tree branches and sideways rain.

A Weather Channel reporter is shown losing his balance during a live shot amid Hurricane Ian
The Weather Channel reporter braced himself for Hurricane Ian’s winds
Weather Channel via @cjzero/Twit

Hurricane Ian’s eye was expected to set its sights on Punta Gorda Wednesday after deluging Naples with record storm surges.

Famed for fearlessly reporting in punishing conditions, Weather Channel correspondents have been deployed cross Florida to document Ian’s ongoing devastation.

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