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‘I Got In!’ Repeat That 4 Times for This Orange County Student Accepted Into Multiple Ivy League Schools

Congrats, Stephany Gutierrez!

The Southern California student captured the moment on video when she and her very proud family learned she was accepted to not three, but four ivy league universities.

“I got in!” she can be heard saying of her acceptance to Columbia University before the squeals of joy begin. But the celebrating wouldn’t stop there.

The Santa Ana High School student was accepted into Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth and Harvard.

Her acceptance into Harvard elicited the biggest celebration of all.

“Are you ready for this?!We are PROUD to announce our 3rd SAINT from this school year who has been accepted to HARVARD University!” the high school said, celebrating her big win.

In the video, as Gutierrez reads off acceptances to each school, she can be heard sharing the news with her parents, who are equally as thrilled.

“Congratulations to Stephany Gutierrez for such an amazing accomplishment!” Santa Ana High School said in an Instagram post.

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