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Jail guard who sexually abused inmate sentenced for lying to investigators

A former corrections officer at the downtown Los Angeles federal jail was sentenced to prison for lying to investigators about having sex with an inmate on dozens of occasions.

Abel Concho, 54, of East L.A., was sentenced to six months incarceration. The first half of his sentence will be served in federal prison, while the second half is served under house arrest, according to the United States Department of Justice.

In November 2021, Concho pleaded guilty to one count of making false statements for lying to federal investigators during an administrative interview. Concho had claimed he had never had sexual contact with an inmate at the Metropolitan Detention Center, when in fact he had engaged in sexual activity with the inmate on more than 30 occasions, the DOJ said.

Concho then admitted to having sex with the victim “once or twice.” He also was found to have lied about providing that inmate a cell phone so they could “take nude photographs for him,” the DOJ said.

The victim was an inmate who was under Concho’s supervision from June 2010 to February 2011.

As part of his plea agreement, Conco acknowledge that he knew he was committing federal crimes and could be terminated for having sex with an inmate and smuggling in contraband to the jail.

He also admitted to knowing that a corrections officer engaging in sexual intercourse with an inmate is not consensual under the law.

Prosecutors wrote in their sentencing memorandum that Concho abused his power and then lied about it to cover his tracks.

“Having abused his power in supervising the halls of a federal institution to commit sexual abuse and then lying up to cover up those gross abuses, justice demands that defendant should now spend time on the other side of the bars,” the memorandum states.

Following the completion of his sentence, Concho will not be allowed to pursue a career in law enforcement or hold any job that requires carrying a firearm.

The case was investigated by the DOJ, the Office of Inspector General and the FBI.

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