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Johnny Depp, Amber Heard trial notebook sells for $15K, wristbands now on eBay for $5K

A practicing attorney from Kentucky, who attended the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard defamation trial, is auctioning off the wristbands that gave him a front-row seat to the action.

Larry Forman, who was not involved professionally in the case, told Insider that he attended the trial in-person between May 16 and May 22 because he was “enamored with the case.”

A wristband currently posted on eBay listed a starting bid of $5,000 as of Friday afternoon.

A large portion of his fascination was focused on the jury’s reactions to the messy couple’s claims. Forman took 60 pages of notes on jurors’ facial expressions — a “piece of history” that he sold on eBay on Wednesday for $14,969.

“You have to see how they react to defense witnesses. Then you have to see how they react to the plaintiff’s witnesses,” he said. “Then you have to see how they react during breaks. Who do they look at? Who do they smile at?” he added.

“Watching the jury, I was absolutely convinced that some of them, not all of them — No. 2 and No. 6 and No. 5 were the hardest ones to read — were going to be on Johnny’s side,” Forman said. “After seeing their reactions, I was firmly convinced that Johnny was going to win.”

Larry Forman’s 60 pages of jury notes sold on eBay for nearly $15,000.
Johnny Depp court wristband
Bidding for Larry Forman’s courtroom wristband is still active.

The superfan said he plans to donate all the proceeds from both the journal and the wristbands to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

The Post reached out to CHLA for comment.

The hospital was mentioned several times throughout the trial, as Heard previously said she would donate $3.5 million of her divorce settlement from Depp to the establishment, However, during the trial, a hospital representative said that she has only donated $250,000 of the promised sum.

Amber Heard in court
Amber Heard has not yet paid her full promised donation of $3.5 million to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

The remaining amount may not be expected anytime soon, as Heard is reportedly “broke” from the hefty legal fees associated with the defamation trial.

In an apparent swipe at her, the eBay posting for the wristband includes the message: “While others have failed, lied and misled the world about their philanthropy. … Now is the time for the public to step up and donate where others have faltered in their pledges. Now is the time to become role models in altruism.”

Wristbands like Forman’s were a hot commodity for fans waiting outside the Fairfax County Court during the trial in Virginia. Every morning, courthouse officials gave them to only the first 100 people in line. Neama Rahmani, president of West Coast Trial Lawyers, told Insider that eager bystanders started lining up at midnight every night to get one.

Line outside of courthouse
Wristbands for courtroom access were given to the first 100 people in line outside of the Fairfax, Virginia, courthouse during the trial.
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