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King Charles gives first official speech, renews ‘promise of lifelong service’ as nation mourns longtime leader

King Charles III says he feels “profound sorrow” over the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, and vows to carry on her “lifelong service” to the nation.

Charles made his first address to the nation as monarch Friday. He became king on Thursday, after the queen’s death.

His speech was broadcast on television and streamed at St. Paul’s Cathedral, where some 2,000 people were attending a service of remembrance for the queen.

Mourners at the service included Prime Minister Liz Truss and members of her government.

Other heads of state, including President Joe Biden, are expected to attend the formal funeral in 10 days.

Beyond the memorial at the cathedral, the British people have publicly displayed their grief at the loss of the longest serving monarch in the country’s history and shown support for their new king.

At Buckingham Palace, crowds laid flowers to honor the queen and greeted King Charles III with “God Save the King.”

His Majesty officially named Prince William as Prince of Wales and Princess Catherine as the Princess of Wales. He also expressed his love for Prince Harry and Meghan, wishes them well as they build their life overseas.

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