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L.A. City Council discusses future of COVID-era eviction protections

The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday is discussing the future of the COVID-era eviction moratorium as supporters rallied in favor of keeping and strengthening protections.

Last week, the council moved closer to ending eviction protections by advancing a measure to repeal the rules at the end of January, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Under that plan, landlords in the city will once again be able to evict tenants for unpaid rent and other reasons, even if they have been affected by COVID-19 beginning in February, the newspaper reported.

The City Council will be voting on the plan Tuesday before it could take effect.

Los Angeles’ eviction protections are among the longest lasting in the country, as they have been in effect since March 2020.

Activists gathered in front of City Hall urging council members to extend the emergency protections in an effort to keep residents from being pushed into homelessness.

One organization, Keep L.A. Housed Coalition, is pushing for:

  • Universal just cause protections against evictions
  • Permanent protections against evictions for tenants who are struggling to make rent
  • Protection against evicting pets and family members who moved in amid the coronavirus pandemic
  • A right to counsel for tenants in eviction proceedings, rent increase caps for rent-stabilized units
  • Relocation assistance for displacement caused by high rent increases.

“It’s time for the City to recognize housing as a basic human right,” the coalition said in a news release. “We cannot go back to a world where renters across Los Angeles go unprotected from needless eviction and we become accustomed to the large increases in homelessness that we experienced pre-pandemic.”

Several speakers from both side of the issue voiced their opinion during the meeting and indicated they are struggling to make ends meet as it is.

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