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LAX worker in medically induced coma after carbon dioxide exposure

A Lomita man who was overcome by carbon monoxide fumes at LAX remains in the hospital in a coma.  

The incident was reported around 7 a.m. on Oct. 31 in the Terminal 8 baggage area.

At least four LAX workers were sickened, including 36-year-old Cris Abraham who was in “critical condition” and was transported to the hospital, where he remains with his family at his bedside.  

“All of our family are here, taking shifts, holding his hand, talking to him and making sure that whatever senses he does have, he knows that we’re there for him and that he can come back and make it back,” the victim’s uncle, Charles Abraham, said.  

His uncle added that the 36-year-old pipefitter is in a medically induced coma because of repeated seizures that are making it difficult for his brain to heal.  

Cris was part of the four-person crew doing repairs in an electrical vault in Terminal 8. While he was on a ladder, repairing a leaky pipe, the fire suppression malfunctioned and flooded the room with carbon monoxide. 

“He made sure that his helpers got out and when they turned back, he wasn’t with them in the exit,” his uncle explained. “They looked and he was on the ground.”  

Los Angeles Fire Department Capt. Erik Scott said in a press conference on the day of the accident that carbon dioxide displaces oxygen in a person’s bloodstream, which is what caused Cris to go into cardiac arrest.  

Airport police began CPR on the 36-year-old and were able to get him breathing again. He was then transported to Reagan UCLA Medical Center where he was placed in a coma.  

“We still foresee long-term complications,” Charles Abraham said. “The cost is devastating to our family emotionally and we really ask for your support and your help.” 

Family members told KTLA’s Rick Chambers that doctors may bring Cris out of the coma this weekend to see if his brain is improving or if the seizures persist.  

The family has set up a GoFundMe campaign for Cris for those who would like to donate.  

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