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Maryland woman finds squatters in her bedroom, $49K in belongings cleaned out

A woman returning home from vacation found a couple laying in her bed and property worth tens of thousands of dollars gone.

A woman in Greenbelt, Maryland, returned home from vacation April 5 to discover her front door damaged and her possessions cleared out of the apartment. Next, she found a couple laying on her bed together.

“[The resident] located two suspects, a black male adult and a white female adult lying on one bed, the only piece of furniture still in the home,” Greenbelt police said.

As the panicked resident began to ask how they got in and what they wanted, the suspects told her they “took all of their property.” According to police, they then “became aggressive with the victims before fleeing on foot in an unknown direction.”

“Not only were they in my home, but everything in my home was gone except for my bed because he details how he loved my bed so much,” the victim told local outlet Fox 5. “And I’m like who are you? And he says my name. He’s like you didn’t pay your rent. I’m like what are you talking about? I paid my rent.” 

The suspects are still on the run and Greenbelt Police request anyone with information on their identities to come forward.

The stolen belongings amounted to more than $49,000, police said.

Elsewhere, some police departments have begun encouraging residents to utilize their right to self-defense against burglars.

Florida Sheriff Bob Johnson defended a local homeowner who shot at a burglar entering their home. While the identity of the homeowner who fired the weapon is unknown, Sheriff Johnson assured residents that they would not be in trouble for defending their homes.

Bob Johnson clarified that the homeowner did not hit the intruder and did nothing wrong in the process.
Greenbelt City Police Department

Johnson clarified that the homeowner did not hit the intruder and did nothing wrong in the process.

“If someone is breaking into your house, you’re more than welcome to shoot them in Santa Rosa County. We prefer that you do, actually,” Johnson said in a press conference following the break-in. 

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