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Missouri sex dungeon victim who escaped house of horrors told rescuers that sicko killed two of her friends

Missouri police are investigating whether the sicko who allegedly held a woman captive for a month as his sex slave tormented other victims, a report said.

The development was revealed after the 22-year-old woman who escaped Timothy Haslett Jr.’s sex dungeon last week claimed to her rescuers that the suspect killed two of her friends, the Daily Mail reported.

Excelsior Springs Police confirmed to the outlet they are “actively investigating” the woman’s claims.

“We are taking this accusation of two more women victims seriously and are actively investigating it,” a department spokesperson told The Daily Mail.

The woman fled the house of horrors last week after her 39-year-old captor left to take his child to school.

She sprinted barefoot down the street to the home of a neighbor, Lisa Johnson, around 7:45 a.m. Friday morning wearing latex lingerie, a metal dog collar with a padlock around her neck and appearing malnourished, according to the neighbor and police.

She was able to utter a soft “help me,” in her state.

“She was wearing a very, very short black latex dress, which appeared opened up in places, you could plainly see what she had been through,” Johnson told The Daily Mail.

The 22-year-old had been held hostage in Haslett’s basement since early September, police said.

“And she was clearly dehydrated and very malnourished – super skinny, she was maybe no more than 70lbs. Short hair, although not matted, not dirty,” she added.

Johnson said she told the woman that she was calling the police, which caused her to panic, saying that if she called the cops, Haslett would kill her.

“She said he had been holding her, wouldn’t let her go. And that he was going to kill her and he had killed her two friends,” she said.

The woman then went to the home of another neighbor, Cira Tharp. Tharp told The Daily Mail that her grandmother was at home watching Tharp’s son when the girl suddenly slammed on their front door, screaming for help.

“‘You’ve got to help me, I’ve been held captive, I’ve been raped, you’ve got to help me, he’s going to end up killing me,’” the girl told Tharp’s grandmother, struggling to speak under the pressure of the collar, she said.

“My grandma brought her in, wrapped a blanket around her and went and got her some food and water. She was pretty hungry. And my grandma sat with her and held her until the police came,” she said.

police outside of Haslett's residence
The young woman escaped on Oct. 7 after her captor left to drop his son off at school.

The woman reportedly told Tharp’s grandmother that she was afraid he would kill her if he found out she escaped.

“She told her, ‘my friends didn’t make it, he killed my friends’,” Tharp said.

Timothy Haslett Jr. mugshot
Haslett, 39, has been charged with rape and kidnapping.
Clay County Sheriff’s Office

“She actually said the guy killed more than just two. She said it was her friends, but she wasn’t clear if something happened to them up there at the house or wherever he got her from or elsewhere,” she told the outlet.

The victim was taken to a local hospital, identifying Haslett’s home on the way as the place she was imprisoned since early September.

The woman told police that she had been picked up in Kansas City by a man named Timothy at the beginning of September. 

Since then, she said, she had been held hostage in a small room he had built in his basement — where she was restrained in handcuffs around her wrists and ankles, the documents state.

She said Haslett raped her repeatedly and frequently in the tiny basement room. He also beat her with a whip, she said, corroborated by injuries found on her back by emergency responders that were consistent with being whipped.

A search warrant executed at Haslett’s home revealed the basement room as described by the victim. Multiple firearms were also recovered from the home.

Officers took Haslett into custody the same day his alleged victim escaped on an unrelated animal control violation.  He has since been charged with rape, kidnapping and assault.

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