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Monica Lewinsky wants Beyoncé to change lyric to 2013 song following star’s recent album changes

It’s been less than a week since Beyoncé released her album “Renaissance,” and the singer has already faced some backlash.

Just two days after the album dropped, the superstar removed an offensive term for disabled people off of her song “Heated.” She also reportedly removed Kelis’ sample from “Milkshake” from the song “Energy.”

Now, Monica Lewinsky has entered the chat calling for the removal of her name from a song almost a decade old.

“uhmm, while we’re at it… #Partition,” tweeted Lewinsky.

The song is off of Beyoncé’s 2013 self-titled album. The lyric off the single under fire is: “he Monica Lewinsky’d all on my gown.” The line referenced the scandalous affair between Lewinsky and former President Bill Clinton which led to Clinton’s impeachment in 1998.

This isn’t the first time Lewinsky spoke about the lyric.

Back in 2014 she penned an essay for Vanity Fair where she seemed to thank Beyoncé, but had a problem with the use of the verb.

“Thanks, Beyoncé,” she wrote. “But if we’re verbing, I think you meant ‘Bill Clinton’d all on my gown,’ not ‘Monica Lewinsky’d.’”

So far the “Break My Soul” singer hasn’t responded to the request to change the line.

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