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Monsoon Moisture Might Bring Storms to SoCal on Thursday Evening

There’s a chance for storms in parts of Southern California late on Thursday, thanks to some monsoon moisture cranking up the humidity in the region.

The stormy weather is likely to show up in the mountains, deserts, Inland Empire and the San Gabriel Valley on Thursday afternoon, possibly even sticking around into the evening.

The biggest potential threat from the storms is the chance of flash flooding, and of debris flows if heavy rain cells hover over burn scars from wildfires.

There may also be some lighting, so it’s a good idea to stay inside if thunder picks up.

Cloudy weather over SoCal will dissipate for the most part, but around noon some rain will bubble up near Big Bear.

Storms will move into the deserts around 4 p.m., particularly near Victorville. Watch out if you’re heading out for a weekend Vegas trip this evening — the Barstow Freeway in particular could see stormy weather and gusty winds.

In the early evening, more storms will make their way over the San Jacinto mountains. Some of that wet weather could spread into the Inland Empire.

By midnight, the storms will move into the LA County and Ventury County mountains, with parts staying over the deserts there.

The chance for rain lowers over the weekend, then rises back up to about 60% by Monday.

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