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Mountain Lion Cubs Caught on Camera

A local mountain lion spotted on mountain cameras in Orange County brought a surprise with her for her most recent photoshoot — four surprises, in fact.

Uno, a new mountain lion mom, revealed her four healthy cubs on camera for the first time.

They can be seen bouncing around the mountain grass in the video, filmed by Orange County Outdoors, an independent website dedicated to documenting wildlife in the area.

Wildlife experts are tracking Uno’s progress and hoping she and her babies stay healthy, since Uno is partially blind in one eye.

There are about 4,000 to 6,000 mountain lions in California, but wildlife officials call that a crude estimate without an ongoing statewide study. More than half of the state is considered prime habitat for the big cats, which can be found wherever deer are present.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife receives hundreds of mountain lion sighting reports each year. Few result in mountain lions being identified as posing an imminent threat to public safety, the department said. Mountain lion attacks on humans are extremely rare and their nature is to avoid humans.

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