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NYC man shoves NYPD officer and flees after being stopped at gunpoint

A New York man appeared to shove an NYPD officer and flee on foot after being stopped at gunpoint just blocks away from Manhattan’s Central Park on Wednesday afternoon, according to a video obtained by Fox News Digital. 

Three officers can be seen approaching a red Toyota sedan on E 59th St. between Park and Lexington Ave with guns drawn and motioning for the occupants to get out. 

“Show me your hands! Get out of the car!” the officers can be heard yelling as they opened the doors. 

The driver initially appeared to comply and was led to around the back of the vehicle. 

As one officer attempted to handcuff him, he spun around, shoved the officer, and took off on foot toward Lexington Ave. 

A man in the passenger’s seat got out of the car and was handcuffed, while one female was taken out of the back seat. 

The man who attempted to flee was later arrested. 

The NYPD said it is investigating the incident. 

The driver initially appeared to comply as the officer apprehended him.
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