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Outdoor water ban begins for millions of MWD customers

The day millions of Metropolitan Water District customers were warned about has finally arrived.

As of Tuesday, more than 4 million residents in parts of South Los Angeles County, Malibu, Beverly Hills, the San Fernando Valley and the San Gabriel Valley are being asked to pause all outdoor irrigation for 15 days.

Last month, the MWD announced the ban would take place between Sept. 6 and Sept. 20 so crews can fix a leak in a pipeline that feeds water from the Colorado River to Southern California.

A temporary fix was put in place when the leak was first discovered in April, but now the parts have arrived to make a permanent upgrade. Unfortunately, the pipeline will have to be completely shutdown to make the repairs.

“What that means is the water that we’re going to be getting is coming from the State Water Project, which I think everyone is aware is really short on water this year,” Glendale Water and Power spokesperson Mike De Ghetto said when the plan was announced.

The MWD asked that residents concerned about their landscaping keep the pipeline repair at the top of their mind. 

“We need to make this urgent repair to ensure this infrastructure can continue serving Southern California in the immediate term and for years to come,” MWD Water System Operations Manager Brent Yamasaki said in a statement. “We don’t take this call lightly, but it is what is needed at this time.”

The Water District offered the following tips to customers during the project:


• Eliminate all outdoor watering.
• Remember, two weeks of no watering will not kill your lawn. Though you will see a noticeable yellowing, it will improve once your previous watering schedule resumes.
• Do not mow your lawn. Minimize the use of your lawn for playing, parking vehicles.


• Put a bucket in your shower to collect water as the shower warms up. Use for houseplants, sensitive outdoor plants and areas of the lawn that may show excessive stress (hot spots).
• Take short showers (5-minute max).
• Do not leave water running when washing dishes. Fill a small bin or bucket with water to wash your dishes in. When you’re done, use that water for trees and grass.

More information about the project can be found on the MWD’s website.

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