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Pack of dirt bikers toss bricks at Philly police vehicle

A pack of dirt bikers and ATV riders swarmed a group of Philadelphia cops Sunday night and tossed bricks at a police vehicle in a harrowing scene that was partially caught on camera.

The mayhem unfolded at a Lukoil gas station that police responded to after one of the dirt bike riders crashed into a gas pump and left it there after he scrammed on foot, cops said.

When cops attempted to recover the dirt bike, riders began to surround officers and throw bricks, bottles and other objects toward them, Philadelphia police said.

Riders threw bricks, bottles and other objects toward the police officers.
Philadelphia Police Department
A biker throws a brick at a police vehicle.
Police are asking the public for assistance in identifying the brick-throwing suspect.
Philadelphia Police Department

Surveillance and bodycam footage from the incident shows one male suspect on a dirt bike lob what appeared to be brick at a cop’s SUV and break the windshield as he circled the perimeter of a gas station near the Delaware River in the city’s downtown.

Footage shows about 10 dirt bike riders at the gas station and two marked police vehicles during at least part of the incident.

The 2011 Honda model that was abandoned was reported stolen out of New Jersey, according to authorities.

Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying the suspect who tossed the brick. 

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