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Pennsylvania iron workers blast Biden’s student loan forgiveness

Blue collar Pennsylvania iron workers took a harsh view of President Biden’s $500 billion student loan giveaway, with many saying it was unfair to those who didn’t take on expensive debt for their degrees.

“It’s not going to affect the people that are here, the people that are actually out doing all the work,” said Jim Davis, a supervisor at the Donsco, Inc. iron foundry in south-central Pennsylvania told Fox News. Biden’s “going to help the people in the bigger cities because that’s what [he] wants.”

Kevin Wasileski, another worker at the foundry, said if students signed a contract, “they should pay for it.”

“Why should I pay for somebody else’s college?” he griped.

President Biden made good on a campaign pledge to cancel student debt last month, announcing a complete wipeout of $10,000 in federal debt to borrowers making less than $125,000 per year.

Jim Davis is a supervisor at the Donsco, Inc. iron factory in south-central Pennsylvania.
Fox News
Kevin Wasileski
Kevin Wasileski works at the iron factory and does not support Biden’s decision to cut student loans.
Fox News

Pell Grant recipients, which generally target low-income students, will receive $20,000.

“Donsco is always hiring people, these college kids can always come here on their time off and work and pay their debt back,” Tony Bell, who also works at Donsco, offered.

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