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Riverside Girl Injured After Cellphone Hits Her in the Face on Six Flags Coaster

The family of an 8-year-old girl from Riverside said she was seriously injured after a cellphone flew into her face on a roller coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain Saturday.

Evie Evans and her family are season pass holders. It was their first time going to the Valencia amusement park this summer.

For their second ride, the family got on Twisted Colossus — one of Evie’s favorites. 

But seconds later, she felt something smack her in the face.

“It was really scary,” Evie said. “I was screaming and crying.”

Evie’s mom, Della White, looked over and couldn’t believe what she saw.

“As soon as she took her hand away from her eye, there was just blood everywhere,” White said.

Evie and her mom tried to control the bleeding as the ride continued to twist and turn.

White tried to stop the ride without success.

Passengers a couple rows behind them saw a phone fly out of someone’s hand and hit Evie, White said.

“It bounced off, and they caught the phone themselves,” she said.

When the ride ended, White said the couple began helping Evie with her injury until employees got a first aid kit.

White’s other daughter, Eden, said a man came up to them, looking for his cellphone.

He told them to “stop freaking out” and that it wasn’t “a big deal,” she said.

But Evie needed 10 stitches to close the wound.

After turning the cellphone over to Six Flags employees, Evie’s dad, Josh Evans, said he went to Valencia police to report the injury.

He said the police could not file a report because they said no crime was committed.

“You are not supposed to leave,” Evie’s father said. “I thought it was illegal, just like a hit-and-run.”

The family is asking the cellphone owner to come forward and help cover the cost of Evie’s treatment, which includes the visit to the ER, the stitches and the CT Scan.

Guests are warned not to have loose articles on any rides, a spokesperson for Six Flags wrote in a statement.

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