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San Bernardino Police Officers Build Community Connections with Pickup Basketball

Some police officers San Bernardino are shining a bright spot on some children in their community while enforcing the law.

They are making lasting connections with teens in the area through pick-up basketball.

It started a couple of years ago when Sgt. Chris Gray met some kids while on patrol. Even at their first encounter, he connected with them.

Recently, he went back to the neighborhood and challenged them to a basketball pick-up game with two other officers.

“Personally for me, I try to make those positive engagements,” Gray explains.

“Especially at an earlier age, their viewpoints can be swayed one way or another. They may have negative viewpoints or negative interactions, or stuff they’ve heard.” But then if you have first-hand engagements with them, those strong bonds work out well.”

As for the game, Sgt. Gray says the kids won this time around.

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