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Southwest pilot cheered for retrieving passenger’s phone from cockpit window

A Southwest Airlines captain went above and beyond the call of duty — when he reached out his window to retrieve a phone that a passenger had left behind before boarding.

Video posted by the airline shows the pilot sticking out the cockpit window to grab a phone from a ramp worker after the plane had already left the gate at Long Beach Airport.

The owner had left the device behind before boarding and the plane had already pushed back when a passenger on another flight noticed the phone and alerted ground staff.

The gate agents quickly sprang into action.

“They quickly passed the phone to our Ramp Agents, who jumped it up to the Captain to get it back to the Customer,” the airline said on Facebook.

The short clip shows a ramp worker jumping to deliver the phone to the captain amid cheers from people at the gate area.

“We love seeing the goodwill efforts of our Employees helping out a fellow Passenger,” a Southwest spokesperson told DCNewsNow in a statement.

A Southwest pilot retrieved a cellphone left behind by a passenger before boarding.

The gate agents quickly sprang into action after a passenger on another flight noticed the phone and alerted ground staff.

Southwest crew retrieves cell phone
Cheers erupted from the gate area after the ramp worker delivered the phone to the pilot.

“We are grateful to see our Team jumping in to help passengers often,” the rep added.

The heartwarming footage elicited plenty of praise online.

“I always fly Southwest, you have the greatest people working for you!” one user wrote.

“Great customer service, thank you for sharing! Kudos to great team effort!” another said.

A third quipped: “Wish someone would have done that for me and shoved me through the window [of the plane].”

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